The tool.


There is a system in america. The system can be given many labels. All informed voices agree upon this; it favors the minority. It favors the rich.

But what is America? America is a large, powerful tribe. The American tribe, like its primitive brothers, must maintain, excert, and defend against Power. Thus, one can measure America, and all other nations, by their most powerful entities. These entities used to be Governments, they are now Corporations. 

It is easy and popular to jump from this conclusion to screaming "corporations are evil!" Corporations don't have to be evil. They simply wield the most power. 

However, looking upon the state of the world compared to what is possible with given knowledge, resources, and creativity; Corporations are not "the best of all possible worlds," to be polite. 

Corporations have the power to feed the world, end war, end poverty, reverse global environmental damage, connect the world virtually, and bring 1st world knowledge to every part of the earth. Yet, corporations profit from putting 3rd world countries in debt; thus causing starvation, profit from waging wars, require the pillage of earth to continue to maintain themselves, and need the majority of people to remain stupid, and at the very less, uninterested, so they will continue consuming. 

Think of all the ways corporations keep us distracted.

Corporations have an incentive to maintain the american system, which has become the world system, commonly referred to as Capitalism.

Now, you may jump to the conclusion I am anti-capitalism and therefore pro-socialism. 

American media is to blame for this knee-jerk reaction--that anyone who denounces Capitalism is Socialist. This way of thinking is a logical fallacy called The False Dilemma. This faulty reasoning is induced by another cognitive shortcoming called "Priming.' 

You've Google. If you care, research it. Look, links included. 

I am not advocating Socialism. I am not condemning Capitalism. I am claiming that Capitalism is the most powerful system the world has ever known. 

The first major point being; Capitalism is the optimal tool to manipulate in order to bring about positive change in the world.

If we want to change the world, as any informed person should wish to do, we can play the game, learn the rules, and take their place. For the more ambitious, create your own corporation. But pay heed, you know the old saying about power and its potential to corrupt.

Don't be reactive. Proactively engage life.