Stream of Consciousness 5/22/15

Hey. I'm back. I know you've never left but I tend to forget. I'm here to reconnect today. Another Prayer.

Thank you. I've been feeling frisson again. That feeling when I get goosebumps, I feel a warm, wet feeling go from the back of my skull down my neck. I've missed that feeling.

There is a pattern
that causes this awe
its music
music about revolution.
Genre doesn't matter
Its a zeitgeist.
It is relentless
to attract me
for years and years
and I have done my best
to ignore her call
She beckons.
I know she is my soul mate.

My voice will change. My form will change. Day by a day a new frequency may affect me. My creative gift is logos. SHe has many forms. Exploring them is love.

Thank you for my job, my security, my friends, my health, my mind, my family, and my muse. I love you Gaia and all that I have yet to comprehend.


A prayer

Image by Archan Nair

Allison Grey, Alex Grey's wife, was asked if she prays, and if she prays, how does she go about it. Her answer resonated with an idea that had been swimming in my head the last couple of days.  A little synchronicity; another wink from God.

"I create. I make art." Her idea of prayer is the act of creation. What could honor God more than to exercise the most godly aspect of our animalist physical self? What would honor the Creator more than creation? These words are my prayer today. I'd like to share them with you, and whatever you create today, know I'd love to experience it. Thank you for reading.

 I'm still learning to live with these new consciousness programs I've downloaded, or maybe I'm the computer the divine downloads into; either way, my subjective life has changed radically in the last couple of years.

Where I was once a secure rational atheist, I am now an uncomfortably unsure agnostic. My atheism was supported by experience, but now so too is my agnosticism. My first 21 years of life, whether by fact or ignorance, were void of any transcendent experiences. Life was godless and rationality made sense. But these last 3 years, I have experienced a reality that is very much alive and sentient.

Unapologetically I admit that most of these experiences have been catalyzed by chemicals that structurally resemble serotonin. If "drugs" turn you off to the validity of an experience, you're now in the cultural minority. I sincerely hope your unconscious filter on this subject is liberated, because it will improve your life if used intelligently.

Yet, I can see clear benefits for maturing this way. Studying logic and her offsprings have equipped me with tools that save me from my deeper psychedelic voyages. It is easy to fall in love with one's own ideas glimpsed on the psychedelic landscape. Idea's can be seductive. Like lust and love, there are different types of ideas; those that help us and our loved ones grow, and those that only induce awe, but offer little more once the neurotransmitter's have been metabolized. I aim to capture the lovely ideas, the ones that will help me and my tribe grow healthier, happier, and godlier.

I'm a work in progress.

Interestingly, I can see in my own development, that many of these ideas I catch on my transcendency hunts were ideas I had developed in my sober life, but the drugs breath a crackling life into something that was cold and dark. I built a cement foundation with logic and put up some wooden pillars with science, but mushrooms brought me electricity and LSD added solar panels. MDA has planted beautiful plants around my home and DMT installed a floatation tank.

The foundational idea was that there is no Objective truth, therefore, we get to create our own truth. A little trite, and a little cold. Now this truth has been electrified into; we are the gods of our lives. We alone are capable of creating the meaning that saturates our reality. If you do not choose to use this power, you unconsciously adopt someone else's reality. Being enslaved to another's truths is unfavorable enough, but forfeiting your godliness out of ignorance is the stuff of Greek tragedy.

The asterisk to this fundamental belief is, not all perspectives are equal. And thus enters the life work of being receptive to new ideas, developing a system of analyzing the merits of these ideas, and using these ideas to build your personal home of beliefs and myths.

My current schemata for analyzing new ideas is this;

Does the idea reflect reality as I experience it?
Is the idea useful, practical, experiential?
Does the idea enhance my experiential life?
Is the idea dope af?

A couple of years and dozen's of books and pounds of drugs and this is what I have too offer to God today. I love you. Thank you. Namaste.

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