Stream of Consciousness 5/22/15

Hey. I'm back. I know you've never left but I tend to forget. I'm here to reconnect today. Another Prayer.

Thank you. I've been feeling frisson again. That feeling when I get goosebumps, I feel a warm, wet feeling go from the back of my skull down my neck. I've missed that feeling.

There is a pattern
that causes this awe
its music
music about revolution.
Genre doesn't matter
Its a zeitgeist.
It is relentless
to attract me
for years and years
and I have done my best
to ignore her call
She beckons.
I know she is my soul mate.

My voice will change. My form will change. Day by a day a new frequency may affect me. My creative gift is logos. SHe has many forms. Exploring them is love.

Thank you for my job, my security, my friends, my health, my mind, my family, and my muse. I love you Gaia and all that I have yet to comprehend.