This was going to be a facebook status but if the word count gets over 200 or the subject too pessimistic, I bring it to the blog. It is a rant.

They gotta tell us its a secret, they gotta hide it in books and codes and price tags because if they told us that separations are cognitive illusions, that all perceptions are subjective, that soul carries on after physical death, and that we are nakedly free to choose the way we behave in this life, we'd nod. We'd agree. And we'd continue living a life, where with every shallow, unconscious breath, we contradict these ideas.

We are awashed in data. Not all data is information. Not all information is knowledge. Only a little knowledge is wisdom, and even less wisdom is useful.

Chris Hedges has me feeling some kind of way. Namaste.

(every status, mine and yours, we're talking at others, to ourselves. The advice we give others, we're giving to ourselves. We don't recognize it. The shit we complain about, they're things we don't want to see ourselves doing. We're playing a narcissistic game with ourselves and we are active participants in dozens of our friend's game.

And to step back one more step, this observation I'm proud of pointing out is just another level deeper of the game I'm playing with myself, ad infinity.

Consciousness is a self-referencing loop.

Artist: Sebastian Wahl