Pour Out, Then Receive

Slow down.
S l ow  d o w n..
s  l  o  w    d  o  w  n...

You don't control anything.
Your individuality is an illusion.

Since you have such a hard time understanding this,
you can call "it all," you. 
The most ready word you have for this idea is

Take a moment to feel
the resistance you just felt
just perceiving those words.

Remember Wilson when he said
there is no "is"
There are maps.
And God is as good a word
to represent you.

This was a diatribe to say
Relax human.
You don't control anything.
Control is an illusion resting on the assumption that we are individuals.
But then, so is most of our language.
It'll drive you crazy
If you can't just

But those words don't change the fact that
Your dreams
Those stories you've chosen will be yours
all need
the myth to continue
that you are an individual.

Still Children

I think the most important social issue is how to keep stupid people from reproducing. I'm swinging the word stupid around pretty aggressively too. I'm too stupid to have a baby.

I mean, I think this is a good snapshot of the human enterprise at the moment:

We all share a planet with limited resources.
The economic myth rules all of us.
The global economic myth is rooted on an assumption of continuous growth ad infinitum.
We all support, through buying shit, companies that are destroying the earth.
We either are ignorant to this schizophrenic behavior, justify our actions with old patriarchal books and their saviors, or we transfer that myth onto technology and think it will save us.

Why do we do the things we do?
Why are we so quick to get married and have children?
Why do some of us unflinchingly never question dogmatic religions?

If you are reading this and you have a child, I love you for the sacrifice you will have to make in order to raise a child that will help the planet more than hurt it. I know you'll try your best. I think raising a child is the most important thing most of us will ever do.

This is a rant. I appreciate the seven of you who skimmed this.