About my Ego

I've been taught to lead with, "a college graduate with a Bachelor's of Science in Cognitive Psychology."

I'm passionate about psychology, philosophy, epistemology, self-help, psychedelics, psychiatry and writing. This blog is where I play.

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I wrote this "Disclaimer" in 2011. I think I honor my younger, more passionate but more naive self by keeping this here:

I am a human. I have bias. I will never be completely objective. Everything I spit out has been churning beneath my consciousness for an unknowable amount of time, undetected.

I also have no answers. Be wary of any who claim they do. What I offer is a particular perspective. I have a view of reality forming in the inaccessible parts of my mind, which I wish to attempt to articulate. I believe this perspective, if I am capable of communicating it properly, would be an ideal way to live in the 21st century.

I believe we have unique problems and tools that the philosophers of old did not have and could not have predicted.

Ultimately, I am just one man. A relatively young and naive one. But it is this naivety that allows me to believe that I can offer an idea that could change the world. I wish to always carry this delusion along side my skepticism.

Thank you.