How I tried explaining enlightenment to my 14 year old sister.

Enlightenment is a word we use to explain something that is beyond language. The feeling is like water, and English is a kind of net sold at Walmart. But most people know about the enlightenment net so we can kind of talk about the feeling that the word enlightenment tries to capture.

So, the feeling of enlightenment is like…imagine that your whole life you’ve been under water and haven’t realized it. Enlightenment is like being quickly pulled out of the water by some invisible force, and you realize you’re at the peak of a huge tidal wave, and you can see all around you, thousands of people right below the surface of the water. You can’t see where the wave is headed.

Its like putting a circular object right up to your eyes, the object is so large you can’t see past the curve. So, you’re above the water, seeing all these underwater creatures, and you feel you’re headed somewhere, but its propelled by some force beyond human.

I don’t know why, but the feeling one has when they are above the water, is a deep kind of peace I know words can’t convey to your hormone exploding body, but it is a peace you knew when you were a baby and we held you and rocked you to sleep.

We feel that feeling when we are above the water. But here is the saddest part about this experience. It ends. It always ends. It does not matter how smart you are, how much you meditate, how many likes you get on social media, you can not stay.

This enlightenment at absolute best might last a couple of hours. Eventually, you fall back into the water.

The water represents our normal life. It may be hard to see, but our days are almost entirely made up of habits. Most of our habits we passively received from our caretakers, the media, and authority figures. I honestly think most of them can use refining.

Its like we’ve learned just well enough to keep your mouth above the water. I think the goal is to eventually modify your habits enough where we can at least keep your head above the water. Then we can start talking to and helping those around us. And eventually, maybe if we are lucky, we can get everyone’s head above water. Actually, I don’t know. I honestly don’t know if the wave can be stopped from crashing. But I think we can at least try to help our loved ones.

Thanks for letting me try to explain enlightenment to you. If you have any questions, text me.