The Cube Game

I’m going to ask you to imagine a few things. They don’t need to make logical sense. Use the images that come to you first. The more you try to consciously alter the images, the less genuine your results will be. The more detail you share the better. Relax. (If I was doing this with you in person I’d ask you to close your eyes but that won’t work here.)


Okay, you are in a desert. Describe the desert. Any landmarks? Anything worth noting?


Now, there is a cube. Describe this cube.

Let as much detail naturally come to you as you can. Here are some questions to help dig up more detail.

What is your cube made of?

Where is your cube in relation to you?

What position in space is your cube? (Flat on ground, floating, sideways, spinning, etc.)

What color is your cube?


What is it made of?

Where is it in relationship to the cube?

How many rungs or steps does it have?


What kind of horse is it?

Where is the horse?

What is the horse doing?

How does the horse feel about you? How do you feel about the horse?

Does the horse have a saddle or a bridle?


What kind of storm is it?

Where is the storm relative to you?

Is the storm effecting any of the other objects?


Where are the flowers?

How many are there?

What color and what kind are they?


Take a moment to be with the scene you’ve created. What we are doing here is a cognitive function unique to our species. It is this function that has helped us ascend to the top of the food chain. Our tools, our religions, inventions, arts, and the card you drew your mom all come from this place. It really is magical. Our imagination is the godliest part of our consciousness. This is the Promethean fire. 

Message me your answer in whatever electronic medium you like. When I can, I'd like to help you interpret it and then, if you'd allow, I'd like to put it on here. We'll change your name for privacy. I genuinely think one of the most important skills we can cultivate is symbolic thinking and this game is a beautiful way to train that mental muscle. I love you and Namaste.