Is it moral to have children?

Have you heard about the monkey’s?

The fundamental rule that governs all biological life is the compulsion to replicate and pass on one’s genes. This is our most primitive instinct and one that has served us well the last few million years. It doesn’t anymore.

Humans have done what all gene inhabiting organisms wish to do. We have become the top of the food chain and have populated the planet. Our genes have won but our planet is losing.

Humans are, as far as we know, the only animal able to override their instincts. Its time we do so. We need to choose to stop reproducing.

Now, obviously this won’t work if applied to all people. Its not meant to be. You need to use that higher thinking you’ve been endowed with and evaluate yourself.

Chances shouldn’t be having any kids.

I’m not quite sure how best to implement an idea like this. The feelings sex elicits are such devastating rebuttals to any idea of this kind that it will have a hard time adhering to any large scale demographic. Have all the sex your body can handle, but use protection and contraception. The root of this problem amongst those who have the option of contraception could be argued as being religion or politics, but I think its something deeper. The problem is our whimsical idea of love.

We need to revolutionize our idea of love. Thats for another post though.

Our compulsion with wanting kids is largely a biological need, but it is also our response to our confusion about life. We don’t know what we’re here to do, if anything. We don’t know how to play this game of work, get loans, buy shit, and repeat. So we just have kids. We think thats the next stage in this life. Its not. This planet doesn’t need more children raised by parents unable to offer an ideal upbringing. For the pseudophilosophers (Its laymen):

1) Humans harm the planet more than they help it. A) They could do otherwise and choose not too.
B) To know and choose otherwise is immoral. 2) Having children adds to the immorality. 3) Having children is immoral. And for those aware of this, and still choose children. Understand; you are being selfish. Now before you react, selfishness isn't necessarily a bad thing. Think on that, but regardless, you are being selfish if you choose your individual happiness over the well being of the planet.

Mom and Dad; thanks for being heathens.