"The quality of all of our relationships is a direct function of our relationship with ourself."

The totality of human potentialities exist within each of us. Thankfully. Because as a matter of experience, we can only ever know our individual, subjective perspective.

Each of us is an universe unto ourself. The Archetypical "Other," all those other self-referencing universes, are mirrors. Everyone we meet is a mirror reflecting the light we emit. Each of these mirrors, being uniquely molded by physiology and environment, uniquely warp and refract our light. But it is still our light they reflect, and our light we receive.

And so the stage is set for the unconscious play most of us are wrapped in. We judge, condemn, mock, insult, shame, and pity the Other, not realizing it is our reflection we damage.

"One of the best known methods of getting over feelings of guilt is to stop condemning other people in your own mind -- stop judging them, stop blaming them, and stop hating them for their mistakes."

"To wound others is to wound myself. To heals other is to heal myself."


1) Review your social media over the past month. Do patterns emerge showing how you relate to others? Are you judging? Mocking? Praising? Loving?

2) Research the Fundamental Attribution Error. Take pride in schooling your friends when they lapse into the fallacy. Sit with the irony if you think you do not trip over this fallacy yourself.

3) For a week, pretend all other people are reincarnations of the same soul you possess, but which grew in a different body and within differing environments. Have compassion for the other yous.

I love you. Namaste.

Artwork by Michael Divine