What would you choose?

This rant is inspired by the beauty of a forgotten friend sharing sensitive secrets. Thank you.

What if what you believe happens to you after death is exactly what happens to you after death? What if your belief determined your afterlife? But what if you really had to know it would happen, that if even the slightest doubt was held in the mind at the moment of death, you would leave the dying flesh tomb to only enter another one, repeating until you came to this realization? Do any of us have this sense of doubtless belief in what happens after this fleshy bag runs out of matter to metabolize?

Would you want to be a Christian? Would you want to be an Atheist or Buddhist or Jew or Muslim? Would you create your own belief? What would you do with that kind of mind melting power and responsibility? Would you be able to maintain your self-created beliefs in the face of persecution  resentment, mockery, or violence?

What kind of peace would a person with this kind of confidence live with? How enjoyable and entertaining would the struggles of life be? Would a person even want to live in this world after this realization?

Were would the limits be drawn? Would there be any limits? What if we are sleeping gods waiting to realize the awesome power we have?

What if we have already made this choice? What if our choice is this life we are living now? What if this life, at this point in time, is the life we have been working towards? Have we forgot? Are we squandering our gift to ourselves? What are we doing?

If you had the power to chose your existence after death...would you chose or accept another's? If only your own imagination limited the potentially eternal existence you would be greeted with after physical death, what would you choose?