A little psychological advice

From a moderately intelligent (very moderate), highly skeptical, psychology undergrad.

Psychology is not a hard science. At least not the psychology 95% of the population is aware of; not the psychology that you read in bestselling magazines or in ad-cluttered blogs. The hard science behind psychology is slim and uninteresting to the laymen. What the sheeple love are the sensationalized headline studies claiming women are sexually attracted to knee pads or short men are more likely to fuck horses than tall men.

These studies are largely bullshit (1) --along with personality disorders, Freudian psychoanalysis, ADHD, and most other theoretical psychological work. Okay, maybe bullshit isn't the right word. These are unprovable suggestions. Interestingly, the steaming pile of shit these structures create reveals a little true. We are susceptible to suggestion.

We live lives of noise and confusion. We stumble from one objective to the next, just hoping we keep our lives together. Few of us have the time to do the research required to become an authority on matters of the mind, so we accept the "truth" proclaimed by "experts."

Most of these experts are just like you. They are stumbling as you are, only near a deeper chasm. Most of this shit produced is not science.


I've got a lifetime of learning still to do, but let me assure you; DO NOT ASSUME ANY NEGATIVE  PSYCHOLOGICAL THEORIES ABOUT YOURSELF UNLESS YOU HAVE SOUGHT AND RECEIVED EMPIRICAL EVIDENCE. Chances are, you never will. Assume the best about yourself among that which you can not prove. You're mind is suggestible. Suggest the best. You will reap the benefits. Do not seek the haven these sensational headlines and money following studies claim about that which is unprovable.

Ultimately, this is just my suggestion. Although it has as much objective truth as any of the headlines, it does not have the stamp of authority our intellectually reluctent society craves...maybe one day, but if I keep these posts up I'm not sure that'll happen lol.

Assume the most useful about that which can not be proven. 

Now I don't feel like I need to explain this but the inner philosopher sees holes in logic that I should address. Don't over assume into a life of obliviousness and stupidity. Balance assumptions with some basic reasoning skills. Psychology has a long fucking way to go. Thats good for an undergraduate but bad for you. Believe in the most useful metaphysics. Guide your suggestibility.


1) Statistics is malnipuable in so many fucking ways in staggers the mind, and this is the ground the mass of psychology rests upon. More on that as I feel more confident my elaborating won't make me look like a total ass.