Why I listen to Podcasts

A brief history of Smalltownitis

Protect yourself from Smalltownitis

I live in a town where the rate of smalltownitis is high. The diagnosis is apparent even to the undergraduate. Those afflicted tend to procreate early, normally passing the disease down their genetic linage. They tend to acquire debt early from purchasing symbols they’ve been conditioned to see as representations of success. They unconsciously live the lives their well-intentioned but equally unconscious parents imprinted on them. They artificially entertain a religion that keeps them from directly experiencing the divine. They watch television, their true dreams repressed.

In such a hazardous environment, I protect my psyche system with a daily supplementation of podcasts. The FDA currently is not regulating the podcast market so you have to be responsible with which supplementations you ingest.

For balance, I would recommend at least one scientifically supported podcast. Radio Lab or Hardcore History are two solid, data-backed supplements. The beauty of the podcast market is the diversity. Do your homework. These are your dreams and personal goals we are protecting here. Suit up!

I then like to mix the science with a little alternative medicine. These are the weird, but in my experience, the most successful at battling smalltownitis, podcasts that expose the psyche system to new, and challenging ideas. These are the Joe Rogans, Duncan Trussells, Aubrey Marcus kind of podcasts. By exposing your psyche system to these wild and foreign ideas, you bolster your psyche system to fight off the ideological viruses small towns are filled with.

Transcend temporal friendship restrictions

Space/time can be a bish. Before domesticated primates gifted themselves the power of telepathy and thought teleportation via communicative technologies, we were confined by the temporal dimension to who our friends were. (Unless you were one of the mutants who read books.)
“You are the average of your 5 closest friends.”

This maxim was fucking death to the average domesticated monkey born in rural America a century ago. Dad was a farmer, mother was basically chained to the bed and kitchen, and the greatest man in town was the local priest, (and how great of a human can you be if you haven’t allowed another human to stimulate you to muscle-shaking orgasm)? In this reality-tunnel, dreams don’t grow beyond the fence built by smalltownitis.

But we eventually endowed ourselves with the communicative technologies and started liberating the mortals from smalltownitis. There were complications at first, as we’ll see below, but now we are free to unshackle ourselves and listen to Joe Rogan talk about mushrooms for the 83rd time. Powerful Joe Rogan.

Preservation of mental health

Radio and television were, by accident, crude cures to smalltownitis a couple generations ago. Exposing ourselves to wider arrays of different manifestations of ourselves helped liberate a generation from smalltownitis. The crudeness was in the illusion the old communicative technologies offered about reality. People went from having smalltownitis to being afflicted with delusions of grandeur. Their dreams were rooted in falsehoods. The results were generations of sick, fat, and depressed domesticated western primates who are consciously emaciated by smalltownitis.  We harmed ourselves by mass producing false representations of reality.

Podcasts have the potential for the curious, spatially-restricted humanoid to glimpse a genuine lot of people which that humanoid aspires to be like. We are social creatures. We unconsciously look to others for information on how to live. This is a mechanism of the psyche that the virus smalltownitis exploits. Observe liberated monkeys. Restrict your exposure to the infected monkeys. Climb out of the pit your small town psychically dwells in.

Because fuck television

Fuck television. Ol, ima force feed you advertising every 7 minutes on bullshit symbols that require resources that exploit the poor and damage our earthly mother.

 Ol, ima give fame and power to some of the fakest, most broken souls who then become the idols to millions of unconscious confused children who are placed in front of a television because their parents aren’t able or willing to raise them with human to human contact.

Ol, out dated, hierarchical, monopolistic information source that has been manipulated by money and greed and has been used as a tool to manipulate the public into supporting war after war.

Fuck Television. Fuck commercials. Fuck monopolizing information. Fuck smalltownitis.

Summary of Protection

Listen to Podcasts.

Take care of meat suit (Eat well, work out, orgasm).

Play with spiritual systems.

Try a meditative practice.

Don’t take medication that represses emotions that need to be confronted.

Eat psychedelic mushrooms.

Let direct experience guide you (and if that means ignoring all of this, that’s exactly as it should be.)


I love you. Namaste.