International Women's Day

As is frequently the case, this started as a facebook post, got too long, too serious, and too ranty. So I decided on making it a blog post. Here is a stream of consciousness in honor of today. 

* * * * * 

"All men come into life through women." -Freud

Our patriarchal political system oppresses women, because they fear women. If you think this sounds Feminist or White-Knightish, you may as well bow out now. 

Biologically, women are the stewards of life. They literally create. Men offer their sperm, but after that, we contribute very little to the actual cultivation and nurturing of life. Women have within them the genetic information to play God. Women create men.  And so, our monkey egos are a little hurt. 

In Evolutionary Psychological terms, only women know if a child is theirs. Men can't know for sure. This causes our ape brains some anxiety and allows men to rationalize some pretty fucked up shit. (see r/TheRedPill). 

Religiously, fuck. Women have been systematically suppressed all over the world for thousands of years. This is due to the same reason our cultural establishment (media, movies, politics) fears women. 

Frankly, it's because of female sexuality. 


You want to get a movie rated NC-17, and subsequently banned from theaters? Show a woman masterbatuing and oragsming (see; This Film is not yet Rated.) Would you like to be thrown out of the Republican party? Propose a bill allowing women to choose what they do with their body. 

Female sexuality scares the fuck out of most men. Check the myths. Female sexuality destroyed Kingdoms, seduced Gods, and created Universes. 

To get less esoteric, men get insecure when they are confronted with the fact that the women in their lives are sexual beings. Girls start mastrubating as early as 3. The female orgasm fucking embaresses the male orgasm. We like to believe we are comfortable with female sexuality but we are only comfortable with a certain kind of female, between a certain age, being sexual in a submissive relationship to man. 

That has got to change. There is no shame in your mother having sex. There is no shame in your sister masturbating. Nothing the human body does is shameful. 

The female sexual energy is creative. It is godly. Respect it. Embrace it. 

In lak'ech ala k'in