Love and Ambition

My perspective is little removed. If I were an expert I would know my audience and be able to write to their point-of-view.

Not an expert.

It feels like I write to an audience, but with a little investigation and honesty, I know I'm writing to myself with the knowledge that anyone can read it. This unique situation creates an interesting psychological atmosphere. I wonder how honest the more removed areas of my awareness allow my present self to be.

That rant was meant to set up a point, but now I'm wondering if I should pick a girl to focus on. Focus on her perspective. Direct this little issue I want to flest out at her. But who?

I read a passage in PIKHAL where a Jungian psychoanalysis described an anima women.

"she's a person who, when she's attracted to a man, intuitively senses what's lacking in his emotional life, and she has a compulsion to become whatever that man most needs in a woman. She probably convinces herself each time that she's truly in love, but I doubt she's capable of what most of us would call real loving. The Jungians have a term, 'anima woman.' The anima woman lacks a solid identity; like many great actors, she borrows - she takes on - a sense of wholeness from playing the part. In this case, it's the part of the muse, the inspiration, the adored dream-woman. She fulfills a fantasy, and you can imagine the tremendous emotional rewards there are for her in such a role..."

I think I'm the male version of this.