What I'm going to try to lay out is basically my metaphysics. This is my first time trying to get it out of my head. It'll be sloppy. It won't be nearly as logically rigid as I'd like it to be. I really would like to be questioned and debated on these ideas by those who are interested in this kind of thing. I also think this may be the route I take my academic psychology career. Lemme try to do this.

P1(P just stands for premise and 1 is because its the first): Each individual's entire life, everything they ever perceive and experience, is a subjective journey.

P2: Each individual's subjective experience of reality is constantly adapting based on information received moment to moment.

P3: This constant adaption, and the mental framework it creates, can be called a reality filter.

P4: Our reality filters are constructed primarily from our subconscious and secondarily constructed from our conscious mind.

P5: The subconscious construction of our reality filter is mostly influenced by natural laws, such as gravity, the ways our bodily senses work, lights interaction with objects, etc.

P6: The remaning percentage of our subconscious mind that is responsible for creating our reality filter can be manipulated by our conscious mind. (See Two System Theory for a little background.)

P7: The most powerful system humans have at their conscious mind's disposal to alter and manipulate their reality filter is metaphysics. Which is to say, the systems of beliefs one holds which cannot be contradicted by natural laws. (This is wear it begins to get murky.)

P71: I think there is explorable psychological ground on just how much an individual's personal metaphysics can influence their reality filter. Examples: how they explain coincidences, Deja vu, natural disasters, tragedy, human poteintal, motivation, problem solving, to name a few.

P8: Each individual is free to construct their own metaphysics.

P81: Most do not and accept the metaphysics offered by culture.

P82: The metaphysics offered by most cultures is religion.

P9: Your metaphysics, depending on the intensity you believe and integrate them, change the way your subconscious operates.

P91: Your subconscious can be your helper or destroyer depending on the metaphysics you adopt and the lifestyle you live. If they are in harmony, you will prosper, if they are not, you will suffer.

P92: There is no metaphysical system which will work for all people. One must understand their genetics, biochemistry, heuristics, and biases when creating their own metaphysics.

P93: An "enlightened" person is someone who has brought their metaphysics and lifestyle into harmony. There are very, very few of these people, maybe none is an absolute sense. I believe there are measurable differences between these persons, or those close, and the other 99.9% of humanity.

I'm going to rein it in here. Most American's fall under varying factions of Christianity or Atheism. Both of these groups have metaphysical systems. One is rich and the other bare. I think one induces tremendous suffering on the majority of its followers because the metaphysical system does not coincide with the influential biological drives our physical bodies have accumulated over the centuries, while the other is susceptible to ignoring the tremendous power, bliss, and happiness that can arise from creating a metaphysical system. (There are exceptions of both groups, but this is true for the majority.)

I'd really enjoy feedback from my knowledgable christian friends, those who are philosophically inclined, and anyone who casually read this and thinks some ideas should be explained more or in a simpler fashion.

My conclusion is that the word "God" is the individual's label for their metaphysical system. You can create your God. Enlightened people reflect their God. They become an expression of their God.